Hops (humulus lupulus) are a prolific, long-lived, climbing perennial herb whose flowers grow into cone-shaped structures on the female plant. The lupulin glands, located inside the cones, are responsible for the aroma, flavour, and astringent bitterness that balance the sweetness of the malt and act as a preservative and natural clarifier.

The bitterness of hops comes primarily from the alpha acids contained in the resins of the lupulin glands. Typically, hops with high alpha acid percentages are generally used for bittering and hops with lower alpha acid percentages are usually considered best for aroma and flavour.

Many breweries use pelletized hops. While this drying process makes it easier to transport and store hops, we feel that the whole flower is often the freshest and best way to utilize the hops delicate oils and resins responsible for aroma and flavour.

We vacuum seal our hops in the field at the time of harvest and then freeze them immediately. We are open to selling hops directly out of the field for “wet hop’ processes. Please contact us directly to coordinate that.

Organic hops on the vine.Organic hops on the vine.


Purchase organic hops (all varieties) for $20 per pound or $44 per kilo. Prices are in Canadian dollars. For bulk orders, please contact us directly for pricing.

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Alpha acid 4-7%
Cascade is a very popular U.S. variety with a moderate bitterness level and fragrant, flowery aroma. Cascade can be used in any beer styles and is often used in highly hopped West Coast ales that have a citrus-floral hop character.



Alpha acid 11-16%
Nugget is a reliable, bittering , agent producing a refined, almost buttery, bitterness compared to other high alpha varieties. The smooth bitterness can be used in any beer style but is typically relegated to American ales and IPAs.



Alpha 5-8%
Mt. Hood is a very gentle bittering agent. More commonly used to add sweet, fruity aroma and herbal undertones. Best used in Lagers, Stouts, Wheats, and English styles with American flair.


Purchase organic hops from Salt Spring Island.
Purchase organic hops from Salt Spring Island.