Welcome to Our Farm

Nestled in the Fulford Valley of Salt Spring Island, our farm was settled in the 1860’s, and was operated as a dairy farm by one of the original pioneer families for a century. We have been farming this land organically since 2001 and are certified to IOPA and COABC standards. The rich bottomland soil and the clear spring water that flows off the mountainside are what feed our hops field.

We started growing organic hops in 2010 as an experiment in our farm’s unique micro-climate. We learned that the contours of the valley act as a natural wind tunnel, keeping our hop plants dry and protected from the common mildew diseases that affect hops. And, while we are situated near the Pacific Ocean, our little island is in a rain shadow and has ideal growing conditions for hops. The valley also receives full sunshine from dawn to dusk during our long summer days. We now have one acre of productive hop plants.

We currently grow three varieties of hops: Cascade, Nugget and Mount Hood. We aim to provide micro and home brewers with quality, hand harvested, organic hops.

Enjoying harvesting our organic hops!
Hops growing on our Fulford Valley Farm, Salt Spring Island.
Rows of hops ready for harvest
Organic hops climbing for the sky!